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    Water pressure booster pump ideas-gctid809124

    Recently a friend was by Omega and as we got talking, he was telling me about an idea to boost water pressure to give my facets a better pressure when a couple are used at once. I currently have a large 12v sureflow pump. It seems to work ok, but there are times that the water pressure could be better... Especially if someone is talking a shower while the dishwasher is running,,,

    I've been looking into various options to better my water pressure when I'm at dock or whenever I really need it. My friend suggested a 115v pressure booster, but I am not sure which one would be the best.

    Anyone have any suggestions or experience for the best way to boost water pressure?

    I appreciate your help...





    You really need a variable speed pump. It adjusts speed as the demand increases. I have used these for years and they are the only pumps I would buy now.

    I removed the pressure tank as well as it is no longer needed.

    Bonus: no more changing of the shower temperature as the pressure rises and falls or another tap is turned on.

    I use the Remco 5.3 GPM model.
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      "Anyone have any suggestions or experience for the best way to boost water pressure?"

      There are a few variables and potential problems with water systems in boats.

      Here are a few....

      - In general you do not want to increase water pressure to high in a boat as the system will not tolerate very high pressure and will have connection failures.

      - When multiple taps are open the pressure can be reduced due to flow or pressure limits. If the volume of your pump is not high enough the pressure will not matter as the stream is split into two and cannot keep up with the flow.

      - Similarly when your water supply system feeds through a set of tubes and connectors the limits will be set by the most restrictive sized tube and/or connector limiting the entire system. If for example their is a 1/4" ID tube connector feeding the entire ho0t and cold water supplies you will have a low finite amount of water flow available on all water taps combined hot and cold.

      - Adding additional pressure past a point will not only potentially damage the system but will not typically yield the flow that you are seeking.

      These are a few common methods to deal with correcting the problem:

      - Add water restrictors in those lines not requiring full flow so that more is available for the key lines> Adding water flow restrictors to the washer dryer an dishwasher is one of the more common lines to limit.

      - Add reasonable water restrictors to all lines.

      - Put dedicated pumps and lines on the worst flow offenders. In some cases it is easier to add a direct line from a tank or dock feed to a dedicated pump feeding the 'hungriest;' water device. Using a dedicated line/pump/feed for a washer dryer solved these issues on a number of boats we have cruised with.

      - Find your current 'worst' water restriction point (pump/connector/tube size) and upsize the common feed to a larger capacity flow.

      Hope this helps
      Northport NY