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    1982 Bodega-gctid808907

    Hello folks, a new member here.

    I have been looking at a 1982 Bodega that is in reasonable shape and can be had at a good price. My greatest concern is the sagging roof in the main salon. It has come down about 2" at the centre. I have seen a few pictures on the net where a beam has been installed to fix the problem. I was wondering if any members have come across the same issue and have any advice on the beam installation and potential cost.

    I have attached a pic of the beam on a Bodega that I found on the net.

    Thanks in advance for your comments.

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    I have a radar arch that has the same problem. It's not rotten it's that the radar dome was really too heavy and over time it sagged. The only fix will be to shore it up and then glass in ribs to strengthen. Although a much much smaller project.

    In your ceiling if it's due to rot then you will have to completely redo the floor. Not a cheap or easy job. If it's sagging because of under engineering then you could shore it up and strengthen it still not cheap or easy but not as bad as replacing the entire ceiling / floor.

    If you don't know this that fly bridge floor is supposed to be convex some. Probably with an inch or two crown. I'm guessing that perhaps the coreing has failed perhaps not rotten but it's integrity has failed.

    If it's a fix you can do yourself probably won't cost much but to pay someone it's going to be expensive. It probably will be a time consuming project and at $100 + an hour labor it's probably going to be expensive not so much material wise.
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      Thanks for the reply.

      I will ask the owner to pull the headliner and have a good look and go from there. I know that this has happened to other Bodega owners and they all seemed to have shored it up with a beam addition running mid cabin bow to stern. I concern is jacking the ceiling up may cause some problems around the windows among other things.


        Maybe look for a different boat to buy, starting off with a boat with a soft anything cant be a good thing.
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