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    38XX and similar Master Stateroom lighting-gctid808871

    I've replaced the bulbs for the standard lighting in our 3818, but the Admiral still describes it as "crap" and too dark. She is mainly talking about the single round ceiling mounted light that is, I agree, inadequate. Have any of you modified that 12v light circuit with something different?

    I plan to add a 120v outlet on both sides of the bunk and probably USB charging ports, but they are bit down the list.
    P/C Pete
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    1988 3818 "GLAUBEN”
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    We have done two things. In areas we are OK with the look of the fixture and just wanted more light we did LED plate upgrades from M4

    These are super bright and low power, simple install maybe 15 minutes per light. In some fixtures (ie galley we put in two which I think was to much my happy wife happy life right.

    Plate Lights for RV Light Fixtures. Point the light in the direction you need it!

    In the valances, heads, companion way, berths ect,...we went with remove and replace and use these the. What is neat about them is that they at 18" long and come with a daisy chain link so we just connect 2,3,4 in row for light led in light in long narrow space with juse one wire to power it all, very clean looking.

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      Pete, low voltage DC lighting would be a better choice.

      All LEDS on our boat & I added a strip light also has been converted to LED strips.

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        posted this earlier, not sure what happened:

        I did an 8' strip of white led's in track with an opaque cover from the fixture on the port side over to the stbd closet. made all the difference in the world.


          I tapped into the round light you described and added two 12v fluorescent lights like the ones in the heads and side stateroom to the overhead of the master stateroom. Added a lot of light to the foot of the bed area. Mounted them right at that little angle where the deck changes shape overhead and they look just like they belong there. I also added a shorter 12v fluorescent right aft on the overhead near the microwave and LED units in the storage hole and over the kitchen's sink tucked back under the side deck walk where one cannot even see them.


            We first tried upgrading to LED bulbs, but it wasn't enough. I changed out the fixtures on the whole boat (round stainless ones) to ebay led lights they vary, but under $25 each. This lit up like you wouldn't believe, but not enough. So I added another round LED light just as you walk in above the switches. The switch panel only has positive 12V so I tapped off the other ceiling light at the switch and pulled the ground from the bathroom ceiling light. I was able to do this by pulling the panels in the bathroom covering the wiring. All in all took maybe 20 min and now lights up the bedroom nice and shines nicely in the hanging locker in the master.
            1985 3870 175hp Hino's