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    Open concept 38xx?-gctid807131

    Possible to make this into the first 3888 sunbridge cruiser?

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    I'd have just called my insurance company and told them to come get their boat. That implies one has insurance.
    Jim Gandee
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      Dang! I hate when that happens! hmy:

      I'm sure he's already gotten an insurance payoff, and is just selling it for whatever he can get. Might be a killer deal for someone really, really, REALLY handy with lots of time on their hands. I do find 70 hours on the engines pretty hard to believe though for a boat this old. It's been mostly floating in the same spot for 20 years? Really?



        Usually on a boat that is totaled the insurance company takes possession, the owner must have made a deal to buy it back for a pittance since the insurance probably would not want to deal with selling it for salvage or having it junked.

        I wonder how he is going to get rid of it if he parts it out?

        I guess he thinks he will ask and get what he wants for the running gear, the only items worth dealing with, certainly not worth repairing.
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          It's the new Bayliner deck boat. Just needs a Bimini...B)
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            70 hours seems ridiculously low, looks like it has a turbo and intercooler added, perhaps 70 hours after the mod? Add mentions each motor/tranny being worth $7000.00-$10,000.00.

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