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Anyone replace their analog gauges with digital?-gctid806829

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  • TenMile
    Yes. There are a couple of threads ongoing on this topic. One from me on using the Alba Combi unit, and another about digital RPMs.

    The easiest way to do this is to convert the Analogue gauges to NMEA2000. You can use the existing analogue sender, convert it to a digital signal and send it to a chartplotter or specific NMEA2000 display unit.

    I did it with the Alba Combi but didn't have great success. Not sure if the unit I have is faulty, or just poorly designed and supported but the guys I've purchased it from (NavStore) agreed to take it back and I've just received a Noland RS-11 unit.

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  • Anyone replace their analog gauges with digital?-gctid806829

    I have 2001 4788 with Faria stock gauges. I replaced the pilot house tachs with floscan digitals which work great.

    The temperature gauges are always reading hotter than the set on the fly bridge. One of the temperature gauges just burnt out last year and I got one off e-bay that works for now.

    The voltage gauges bounce and are meaningless. I don't care about the fuel gauges as the floscan gauges take care of that. Oil gauges I question some times too. The sync gauge works fine.

    Mainly like to update upgrade the temperature gauges and oil gauges, and volt meter gauges.

    Has anyone switched to digital? What brand? easy switch out? Costs?