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    3288 Sanitation Hose Replacement-gctid806609


    I have an accepted offer on a 1991 3288. Survey and sea trial Next week.

    The sanitation hoses are permeated and they smell bad. Need to change them asap. Does anyone have any procedures and/or recommendations for replacing these hoses?

    How big a job is it?

    Appreciate your experience and advice.
    1992 3288 Soul Purpose

    If the boat does not have the hatch cut in the floor above the cave, this job will be horrible. If it does, it's not that bad. F lush he system the best you can. As each boat has had different mods from previous owners, look for access to run the new hoses. I had to cut out the bottom shelf in the vanity to run the waste and intake hoses to the head.

    "Martini's Law" SOLD
    1986 Bayliner 3270, 110 Hino's
    Nova Scotia, Canada


      I flushed my system well with soap and water. Have a box of disposable gloves handy and rags. I don't have the deck hatch so everything took longer but is still doable. I used a heat gun to remove the hose from the barbed fittings. On some if they wouldn't come loose, I would cut a slit in the end of the hose. Get a 1 1/2 double male fitting and use the old hose to pull the new hose through. I increased the site of my vent hose and installed a new tank fitting and through hull. To access the hose connection at the deck plate, I installed a round 5" access plate in the liner inside the boat below the fitting. Have a small bucket and some rags handy. I don't know where you are located. I found that Marine Sanitation in Seattle (no affiliation) would sell me a 50' roll and give me a refund on the leftover hose I returned. Good luck, don't chew your fingernails. :-)
      2002, 3788


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        Would be nice to have some pictures to see how all of these things are accomplished.


      "Fire Escape II" post=806617 wrote:
      IGood luck, don't chew your fingernails. :-)
      Very Sage advice.
      "Martini's Law" SOLD
      1986 Bayliner 3270, 110 Hino's
      Nova Scotia, Canada


        Buy a good quality sanitation hose such as Trident Series 101 Low Permeation Marine Sanitation Hose, or Vetus marine sanitation hose.

        Cheep hose smells.
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          Not too sure about the particulars of a 32, since I have a 38 but I can give you one good piece of advise. After you have pumped and flushed and your ready to start disconnecting hoses I would recommend hooking up a shop vac outside the boat to your pump out deck fitting. Just stick the nozzle in dont seal or tape it, the negative pressure keeps all the smell out of the picture. Seriously, I changed all my hoses, it wasn't gross and I never smelt a thing. You do half to pay attention to the flow of the hoses and switch the overboard/tank valve with caution.....Good luck !
          1990 3888 Bayliner, Twin 351's


            I cut all of mine off & then used a heat gun to reinstall the new ones. I ended up cutting a 4" round access hole from inside to reinstall the vent line. I put a wood plate over it with a beer opener on it. If you have the optional cabinet there it won't show anyway.
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              Besides heating the hose ends I use some dish soap to help the new hose slide onto the fittings.
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                  "gsilvest" post=806932 wrote:
                  Besides heating the hose ends I use some dish soap to help the new hose slide onto the fittings.
                  "Martini's Law" SOLD
                  1986 Bayliner 3270, 110 Hino's
                  Nova Scotia, Canada


                    I taped a rope to the toilet end and pulled the 8 ft of old hose out at the tank end the used the rope to pull the new hose back up to the toilet

                    What a design flaws !!
                    2001 Bayliner 3988 330 hp Cummins 6bta m3
                    Located in Blaine Harbour Marina