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4588 Companionway light replacement-gctid397382

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    4588 Companionway light replacement-gctid397382

    The port side light is burned out in the companionway (*) light on my 4588. I'm looking for clues on how to gain access to replace it.

    Also: I've looked at prior posts, but there does not appear to be a direct LED replacement. Can I also get some help there, or do I just buy the replacement tube?

    (*) And why is it called a companionway? I just fit, so I can't imagine a "companion" and I passing in a way too small hallway,.
    Yep, my 4588 Bayliner IS my happy place :whistle:

    The wooden cover has to be removed. I believe there is one screw on each end.


      One screw at each end...I believe it is a 24" tube.

      It is a companion way because if you have to pass someone you will wish they were your companion

      Most the LED i have seen are not the right size or not bright enough...anyone had luck on this as I am interested in the same
      1990 4588
      Carlsbad, CA


        I replaced mine with LED bars from Superbright LEDs. Here is a link:

        Don't forget to order the mounting clips. The CW (cool white) was very close to the florescent color. I also used these to replace ALL the florescent lights in my 4588. Easy to install and uses very little power.
        Nick Patterson
        1989 Bayliner 4588 Stockton, CA


          Another alternative, possibly cheaper, is HERO LED. They will sell you a 15' strip of LED's for about $40 which is enough to do both sides of the companionway on a 4788 (presumably similar on the 4588) with enough left over to run a strip under the master bed to illuminate the footwell, and under the shelves in the mid cabin for better light there. YOu will need to also buy a few extra pigtail connectors (2 come with the strip).

          The strip has a self-adhesive strip on the back and is easy to install.



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          Alan Teed
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          1981 Hunter 33' SY


            i ordered 6 0f these for the same purpose - $10.95 each. make sure to get the jumper cable which gives you black & red power leads. you can also order aluminum channel for mounting.