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  • 3587 4087 aft bilge water-gctid805870

    in my 3587 there is an aft bilge access right in front of the rear engine access panel. I am seeing some water in there. it's clear water.

    it looks like this bilge channel runs under the bed to the rear of the boat. when I checked the rear access where the steering and trim tab gear is I don't see any water, not sure if the two are connected and might be the angle of the boat with water running forward.

    I checked under the bed and I see no water in the area that is visible under the access in the bed. I see no water in the access panel that is port of the end of the bed. just noticing in that one small spot right under the holding tank. the water is clean so it's definitely not the holding tank.

    I suspect fresh water tank that is located under the bed. above the bilge section.


    - Anyone had similar and have suggestions for where it's coming from?

    -Any suggestions for other sources for this area other than the water tank- my boat is in fresh water so it's possible it's not the fresh water tank.


    I think my next step is going to be to drain the tank and see if I get water, then fill to 1/4 nd recheck, then half and recheck etc.
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    In my 3587 I have learned that the bilge pump you are referencing is the low point while the boat is at rest. Any water from the rear transom ruder seals or aft shower sump could settle into this location while in the slip. Good idea to check your water tanks but there should be evidence of leaks on the decking where the tank is mounted.

    Make sure you are putting marine grade grease into your rudder zerks on a regular schedule to keep sea water from leaking thru the rudder seals. If the shower sump is clogged it overflows into the bilge. Easy to remove the sump, clean and reinstall.
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      Thanks. I did a full check. Last night and I don't think it was the water tank. We had a fair bit of rain etc recently. And when I drained all the water nothing seems to be coming back so maybe bit of a false alarm.

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        I live in Vancouver BC and it rains here...a lot. I do get water accumulation in the aft bilge location after a heavy rain but it's easy to suck it up with a hand pump and it stays dry until the next rain, so you may not have a problem at all. My biggest beef is that the bilge pump will not empty the pump well because of the way Bayliner routed the drain hose. When the pump shuts down, the water just drains back and the pump starts again. I guess the fix would be a check valve but I have heard that's not a good idea.