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3888 raw water pump options?-gctid804995

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    3888 raw water pump options?-gctid804995

    Bearings/seals finally went out on the strbd motor (US Marine 351 Ford Windsors).

    Search of prior Forums (back to 2013) and online pump replacement seems to show that the Sherwood P151 is no longer made, but that major rebuild kits are available.

    We're doing the Loop and our prep mechanic stocked me with the Johnson F9B-9 (10-24915-01) that many have said is the best retrofit pump to use.

    Wanting to keep both motor pumps (impeller replacements) the same, I ordered two rebuild seal/bearing kits from Depco/Ft Lauderdale and had them airshipped ahead to our next marina stop.

    Had a local mechanic rebuild the pump using a seal/bearing kit and reinstalled. It leaked worse!!!!!

    Limped to Southport Marina, NC and got Zimmerman to install the Johnson pump and am moving on.

    Follow up help needed:

    Zimmerman had to shim the Johnson pump out 1 1/8" from the crankshaft pulley to make the outlets clear the pulley/belts and to match the bottom pump mount support. I'm not and they aren't comfortable with shims and are convinced there's a pulley with cast in bosses (the Johnson pump was a long time standard with Volvo/Penta and maybe used Ford motors).[/li]

    Did any of you that retrofitted with this pump have to deal with offsetting the pump? How did you do it? Is there a pulley to solve the problem (I have a Ford serial number stamped into the face of the pulley if that will help)?[/li]

    I really would prefer to get the Sherwood pump rebuilt and have one more seal/bearing kit. Any recommendations on a quality shop (I'll airship it) to get this done? Will they pressure test the pump to make sure the rebuild is done right?[/li]


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    Try Tony, "" he re-build's water pumps. Great reputation!

    1984 3870 with Mitsubishi's
    located in Deep Cove, North Vancouver, B.C.
    Retired Tugboat operator
    Past Commodore Burrard Yacht Club
    Member Deep Cove Yacht Club


      I am sure Troy is very good. I used Flying Dutchman and they rebuilt both of my Sherwood pumps and the results were great. I would recommend them and use them again.
      Just love being on my 3870............Bill
      1985 3870
      Twin 130 Mits. not turbo charged
      Name of boat is "Plenty Of Fish"
      Live on board full time.
      North Myrtle Beach, SC