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    howling rudders-gctid397033

    I have a 40' Avanti Bayliner that has started to howl when I turn the rudders. Anyone had this problem before. I suspect I am low on power steering fluid.


    Hey Dog - Do the rudders make noise when turning the wheel while not underway or with the engines turned off? I'm no expert but I don't think low fluid is the problem. There is a grease fitting on each rudder that can be accessed in the engine compartment. Unfortunately, they are in a difficult spot at the top of each rudder in the bilge.

    I believe there are O rings on the rudder shafts and if one of those failed, it could cause the rudder shaft to cause noise. That can only be determined with the boat out of the water.

    Good Luck,



      Turn the wheel about 1 turn left or right and just hold it there in position. Does it howl AS you turn and does the howling stop when you stop turning the wheel further? If so, check the P/S drive belt.


        What kind of engines and what kind of steering do you have? Would help with ideas. Do you have engine driven power steering? Some of larger Bayliners have Hynautic steering having no connection to the engine(s), does yours?
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          If the rudder "toe in" is set improperly, there may be a point where they can vibrate. The rudders should always be putting pressure on each other to take up any looseness. They should be toed out slightly. The effective toe will increase outwardly as you turn. Otherwise, the toe goes through a neutral position where the rudder becomes loose and could vibrate. I think.

          Any changes lately? Hit any thing?