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  • Exhaust hose cracks 4788-gctid803121

    I am looking for input on when to replace exhaust hoses on 370 Cummins. Hoses have cracks in them as per attachments; no seepage or water noted after engines running. When and how often shoudl they be replaced, and what is an expected price?



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    When in doubt change them out.

    Our boat is 2001 I have replaced several hoses but not all. If they look questionable or I have parts taken a part for other reasons, I have replaced them. Other hoses are still looking good.

    I don't think there is a time limit. In 16 years there are 1200 hours on the engines so, not a lot of wear and tear. I have a 2005 Jaguar that has all the original hoses with 120,000 miles and a 2006 Silverado with 80,000 with original hoses.

    Maybe have a good mechanic take an estimation for your personal confidence.

    Good luck,

    Jerome Robbins
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      IMO, change them out. There's nothing like heading out for a nice long weekend and getting well away from the Chandleries and having the hose fail. Years ago we had a Yacht Club member that, as a bunch of us sat on the dock enjoying the nice weather, someone noticed something had changed in how the boat sat at the dock. It turned out the exhaust coupling hose next to the port hull had failed and water was coming in with increasing speed. Fortunately it happened when there were eyes on the boat. If it would have happened in its home slip it may have gone down.
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        Better to swap the hoses out before they sink your boat.....remember your engine moves a lot of water, if that hose burst while you are at full power you end up with a fire hose of water coming into our boat and in most cases maynot have any idea of the issue until your boat slows down from all the me this is a safety issue.

        PS Your insurance may not cover the damage if you were negligent in making routine maintenance repairs. Just saying, do not be penny wise and pound foolish....
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          Thanks all. Have had 2 mechanics take a look and they tell me not an emergency, but changing them is on the list! No seepage or water anywhere after short test run today.


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            Did they give you an estimate on the cost to replace?
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              Not yet; do you have a ballpark?


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                "Not yet; do you have a ballpark?"

                From memory ....

                6" wire reinforced wet exhaust hose was about $450 for 12' last time I did this.

                Total price will be dependent upon your ability to get another length about half (sometimes only full lengths) that plus the labor in your area.
                Northport NY


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                  Consider using silicone hose. It's more expensive, but much more durable.
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