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Trim tab hose leaking-gctid802727

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    Trim tab hose leaking-gctid802727

    Can anyone tell me a little about this hose that comes through the hull and feeds the ram of my trim tab. I think I will have to replace it and was wondering if anyone has done this and how much of a chore it would be to do both while I am at it.


    It is a very easy job. I replaced mine in about half hour.The hardest part is getting it loose where it goes through the transom. Make sure you seal this area goo when you put the new hose in. I did have to cut it with a very sharp knife where it connects to the trim tab ram. I replaced it with new hydraulic hose from an auto parts store.

    1999 Bayliner Ciera 2655
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      I just did that and it is easy. Mine are the external fed ones. The plastic tube comes through the hull and then attaches to the ram. The other kind has a metal tube that goes through the transom and the ram is fed from inside. The external fed one is a Bennett A1101Ex and was about $100. They come in at least two sizes. Mine had 4 rings around the ram. Bennett has a good website and Fisheries has them in stock.

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