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    Banjo Connectors for Hino Fuel Lines-gctid801756

    So had one of the feed lines go TU on my last trip. I'm getting new ones made for both engines - I think this will be about a quarter the price of OEM.

    first question:

    Does anyone know what size and threads these banjo fittings and bolts actually are? The guys at the industrial hose shop were a little confused. They have a banjo fitting that will work but I have to re-use my bolts because they have a strange step up collar near the head and the thread didn't seem to match their metric american or british gauges.

    second question:

    What is the rational behind using these high pressure lines on the low pressure side? In fact, the first hose in the loop is under a slight vacuum as its between the separator and the lift pump and even between the lift pump and filter and then to injection pump there can't be more than 30-40 psi there...

    In removing the manicooler we had to remove one of the banjo bolts, and of course, it broke. It was the one on top on the manicooler. An internet search did not find any such bolt in any material. Finally found and adapter to go from the 12mm x 1.75 threads to 1/8" F.P. It comes from KAR TEK Off Road. It's called a Billet Ecotec Oil Pressure Adapter. Made from T-6 aluminum, they're not cheap at $19.99 each, but now I can run ordinary fittings with copper tubing or hose to replace the what was there.
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      I believe some of the fittings on the Hinos used jic threads on them, lots of local shops have a hard time with this. I'm not sure what the rating of the hose is after the lift pump, but you can buy all three factory hoses between the lift pump and injection pump for under $200.00.

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        they are all Hino size, use factory less trouble
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