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    Fly bridge deck repair-gctid801740

    Looking for a "pro" to re-do a fly bridge deck patch. I'm in Channel Islands.

    My 4588 fly bridge had a table base mount portside rear of settee. Base was rotted corroded and determine as a leak point to the salon. Removed table base & found the

    Deck coring saturated & mush. Tech cut out the affected area, cleaned and dried. Filled with foam and glassed as a temp fix with the intent to finish after storm.

    The top coat of Interlux never set properly and the patch 22x18" although functionally preventing leak needs to be done properly.

    So looking for a "pro" in Channel Islands area.

    Found a "pro" to re-do the patch on the fly bridge. He opened the cut out more and remove the old crap. Good thing the cut was larger as there was additional moisture an rotted core. A bit more than I expected in cost but it would have been less costly to have done it right the first time!

    Now I can get to the next projects:

    Replace the whole Venturi wind shield

    (Ordered & arriving next week)

    Install the new settees (assembled & in place but not attached)

    Install the new Bimini

    (Have to have fabricated)