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Side-power bow thruster control panel problems-gctid801556

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    Side-power bow thruster control panel problems-gctid801556

    I have a 2002 3788 with side-power bow and stern thrusters. The dual thruster control panel on my lower helm isn't engaging properly on the bow control. I have to crank hard on it or keep clicking it to get it to engage. The bow thruster works just fine with the control panel on the upper helm. Seems like maybe there are some contacts in the lower helm control panel that are just not engaging properly.

    I removed the lower helm control panel, but there doesn't seem to be any way to get inside the control itself to check or clean any contacts. The front of the control has a boat-shaped control that you move (see picture). It seems like if I could pop off the "boat" on the front I might be able to get inside it, but I don't want to force it too hard and break it.

    Does anyone know how to get inside the control? Any other ideas?

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    whats under the decal in the center ? a screw probably. Otherwise look for hidden clips or tabs under the button base. If you cant get it apart try a bit of wd-40, if you can spray it inside it might clean up any debris on the contacts and has worked for me on many occasions. How are the pins and connections on the back ?
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      lots of reports of these failing. A common replacement is the Side Power without the boat; joysticks for each one.
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        At each corner there are plastic covers, they pop off and the screws are located underneath. I have just the standard thruster levers, but it looks to be the same base plate.

        Oops, sorry, I mis-read your post, you got the panel off, that appears not to let you get access to the internals....
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