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    Bahamas Trip Report-gctid801526

    Just got back to Florida after taking my new-to-me 3870 to the Bahamas from Savannah GA. I was there for about a month (was in the Abacos area) plus 5 days to get down to Lake Worth for the crossing.

    I had spent the prior several months catching up on deferred maintenance (mostly filters hoses fluids etc)

    My gulf stream crossing going over was no joke - it was 3-5ft seas for 7 hours, luckily straight into it, Even from the flybridge I was very salty and wet by the time I got to West End. My primary bilge pump was acting up which led to a little anxiety but no real mechanical issues on the way over. Also, everything ended up on the floor and the microwave door came unlatched and subsequently self-destructed. Duck tape to the rescue.

    At the beginning of the trip I averaged about 1MPG except once I slowed down after buying my first 200 gallons of $4.60/gallon diesel I was getting about 2MPG.

    I largest waves I saw while over there was 6'-8' swells @ 11seconds, mostly a beam. (in the atlantic east of the barrier islands) - Boat did fine, passengers not so much - its uncomfortable with beam seas. Almost surfed the boat coming back in a narrow gap between cays with breaking swells on reef. That was a reminder to be more careful.

    It took me a while to get used to just consistently shallow water. 5' is very common, which made me nervous. Even harbor entrances are that shallow.

    On the way back things got a little interesting I took a longer 80 mile crossing route back to ft. pierce. Primary bilge pump failed (blowing breaker), which resulted in my popping me head down below every 30 minutes to make sure bilge not full of water. (am single handed here). At almost exactly half way across when I checked I am greeted by a cloud of diesel mist, the line between lift pump and injector pump sprung a leak. So the last forty miles were on one engine, which added about 2 hours.. then got to battle some white water in the Ft. Pierce Inlet due to a spring tide outgoing.

    Finally, after getting to the marina doing a rescue tape repair on fuel line to have two engines for docking.. that night my fresh water tank emptied itself into the forward bilge. So now I have a real project on my hands, luckily for this forum have some good resources for that one

    Anyway, am pretty happy with how the boat did and it was a great time and I plan to get back and go even further out (Exumas) this summer! I never really thought much of the Bahamas but now that I have been I am a big fan. Such a beautiful place and friendly folks. Plus eating lobster you caught yourself is fun

    Thanks for sharing. Brings back wonderful memories.
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      Thanks for posting the trip! sounds like it was a great month. I hope to do it myself some day, encouraging to see others do it in the same boat.

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        Glad to hear you made it back safe. We are in treasure cay marina in our 3988 today 4-1-17 looking to go on south to hope town, then to marsh harbor before returning in a few weeks to Sarasota Fl. you are correct when you say it is an amazing place we have been here for about a month. I think you need to pick better gulf crossings though, we came across in 1 to 3s at 18 knts on auto pilot from Lake Worth I about 3:15. we waited in lake worth for several days for a good crossing day though, the crew and the boat really don't like rough crossings. I'll bet you were talking about the whale crossing in trailing seas it can be very challenging. Glad to see I'm not the only Bayliner over here. It really in a great experience coming over here, sounds like you had a great trip hope you do it again next year.
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          I had waited 5 days at lake worth.. it was admittedly not a great window..

          And yes.. the whale. did it three times.


            Nice report. Glad you enjoyed it. On the way there we go intercoastal to LWI and cross like you did. Then make the 85 mike run with the current on the way home. This time of year its hit or miss on the crossing. 6 days of wind, 1 day of weather window, 4 days 20 knots, 1 day good, and on and on...
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