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    45XX/4788 Washer/Dryer Space-gctid801479

    We are looking to purchase a 4550 that has never had a washer dryer installed. The doors in the port-side passageway have not been cut out. However, someone has installed a very nice MSD unit in the boat and in doing so removed the original holding tank and replaced it with 20 gl. tank. Since we live on the Great Lakes, a NDZ, we need a larger holding tank.

    It occurred to me that since Bayliner built the 45/48 series boats on a production line, all to the same drawings, so the space for the washer/dryer would almost certainly be there, along with maybe hoses and a wiring harness also. If the end customer didn't want it, they just would not cut the access doors for the unit. We wouldn't need either of the latter, but the perhaps space could hold a sanitary holding tank. Does anyone know if my reasoning is correct? The space might be access-able from the guest stateroom locker located on the after bulkhead of the stateroom. On one of the boats I looked at the washer/dryer had been removed for some reason and the space and connections were visible from that locker. Do all Bayliner 45xx and 4788's have a void space in that area?
    1991 4588
    SE Michigan

    The normal holding tank is 48 gal and it is located behind the vanity of the guest head. The space where the washer dryer is located is often easily accessed by removing the drawers in the port rear stateroom and looking in there. I was not aware of any 45's that did not have the doors where the washer dryer was whether or not they came with the washer dryer - the ones I saw without the unit just had open shelves in that spot.

    47's are slightly different as they do not have the exact same layout.

    Keep in mind you are looking at 30 year old boats that have mostly been modified along the way over time.
    Northport NY