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    Mits Owners-gctid800120

    I have seen a post started in 2007 about making a list of Mitsubishi owners to try and assemble resources for a list of parts and surplus engines for 38xx owners.

    Did it go anywhere? I don't think so. Any one interested in trying again? With permission from moderators I would like to assemble such a list but it depend on what interest is shown here.

    What do you think? :sick:

    3870 135 MITS

    Second Posting


    1984 3870 with 135 MITS
    1984 3870 with Mitsubishi's
    located in Deep Cove, North Vancouver, B.C.
    Retired Tugboat operator
    Past Commodore Burrard Yacht Club
    Member Deep Cove Yacht Club

    I am all for it!!!
    Just love being on my 3870............Bill
    1985 3870
    Twin 130 Mits. not turbo charged
    Name of boat is "Plenty Of Fish"
    Live on board full time.
    North Myrtle Beach, SC