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    Princess Oven replacement?-gctid799771

    Has anyone found a close or direct Oven replacement that has induction stove top? I did some searching in this forum and online and did not locate anything.

    I looked at a few marine ovens and induction tops but didn't find anything that would be a direct replacement. Cost was exorbitant for anything close, as well. I decided (with the Bosses approval, of course) to replace the SeaWard Princess unit with a combo microwave/convection oven from Furrion and a two-burner induction stove top also from Furrion. They are carried by Fisheries Supply here in Seattle; I paid a little over $700 for both. The microwave fits perfectly in the space vacated by the old unit and I'm installing new countertops in the galley and salon so the stove will look correct as well. My plan is to use the existing oven space for slide-out drawers with a pair of bins for trash/recycling underneath. The bins will lift out for emptying so there won't be anymore crawling on hands and knees to get to the back of the storage area under the stock stove/oven.

    So far the microwave has been replaced; I'm taking pics as I go and post them once the project is completed.

    Gordo- if you're reading this- we learned from your efforts and went directly to removing the master head mirror. It came out easily and the old microwave took about 15 minutes to remove from the front once we could access the bolts from behind the wall.
    Drew Haas
    1998 4788 "Painkiller"