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32xx Nav lights help-gctid396511

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  • nick4588
    If the fuses and bulbs are good start checking connections. I would start with the switch (or switches). Also check to see that the ground connection is good.

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    Guest started a topic 32xx Nav lights help-gctid396511

    32xx Nav lights help-gctid396511

    Hi all. So we took her out last night and about 20 mins out the nav lights went out. I took out the flashlight to check fuses and noticed a couple blown. While I was removing them to check the size I noticed the nav lights came back on. Then they turned back off after about 10 mins and won't turn back on.

    I replaced the blown fuses and checked the bulbs but still no go. I am checking the fuses under both the top and bottom helms. Anyone have any ideas what is going on?