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4788 Solar Panel Placement?

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    "lolar3288" post=820445 wrote:
    What voltage are your panels? Please post the improvement you get when you change to a MPPT controller. I would be interested in the actually gain compared to what I have experienced.
    My current pretty well doubled across the board. When solar panel is pushing out 7 amps controller is at 13.5+, did not see 8.5 amps at panel as the sun is now getting lower in the sky, maybe next June.

    The panel is 30.5 volts 8.58 amps

    The controller is the midnite Solar Kid 30amps MPPT, reallly works good and fun to watch.
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      Redskyjoe - You went with pretty much the same panel we did, although ours was Mono. I had wanted Poly because they provide better output when shaded (we had a sailing catamaran that shaded our 4 poly panels with mast, boom etc. but the poly handled the shading quite nicely) however I am very happy with the higher voltage mono panels. Output is great and it starts very early in the day so we are charging at first light! There are lots of options for the dump load, would be curious what you are thinking?
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        There is nothing preventing the use of multiple controllers. So a couple of lower cost 40 Amp controllers instead of one higher cost 80 Amp for example. One other thing is you that you can have more Amp capacity connected to a controller than it is rated at. So say 60 Amp capacity connected to a 40 Amp controller. You are never going to see 60 amps from those panels anyway, most of the time you will be lucky to get 45. At least that is the case for those of us in higher latitudes.
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          Originally posted by kspellman02 View Post
          Hello Gary - I am looking at some QCell 335w panels. 78" x 37". The top of the Pilothouse was another option I was thinking of. Were the hard panels visible from the docks? I know the soft panels would be more flexible but their output is really poor compared to the hard panels. Our previous boat, a catamaran, had a huge hard-top that made this easy. Thanks for the reply!

          Hi Kevin - I recommend you determine warranties for marine installations - especially flexible panels. They do not have a good track record in marine installations with many early failures.
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