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    "MerlinV" post=790808 wrote:
    Rob, how are you liking your watermaker? Any positives you really like or negatives that would wish were different?

    The Clearwater Series by US Watermaker has operated almost flawlessly since installation in Feb 2016. Right now, we have run the watermaker for a total of 71 hours, including topping off the water tank during the winter as the water has been turned off in the marina since early November. Our unit was installed by Land & Sea Plumbing Systems, who made a really neat job of routing the pipework and electrics. The unit is fully automatic, including the freshwater flushing at each shutdown, or by pre-programming a flush every couple of weeks. We have a remote control panel in the electrical cabinet in the pilothouse.

    We experienced a couple of issues due to operator inexperience when the plankton and 5 micron filters became plugged, once was while anchored in Garrison Bay (too shallow & lots of silt stirred up), and then in Desolation during the algae bloom that occurred in August 2016. This meant we used more filters than planned, but we luckily we carry a number of spares on board. The only mechanical problem we encountered was a flushing valve solenoid failure which failed in the open position, resulting in us losing what freshwater we had in the tank at the time. Repair was handled very quickly by Land & Sea at no cost to us as it was a warranty failure.

    400 GPD sounds a lot, but in actuality, production is 16-18 GPH depending on the water temperature. We ran the watermaker each time the generator was run, and were able to top up our own tanks, and the tank of our friends 3988 while they were rafted to us. It's really nice to be able to rinse the salt off the boat in an anchorage, or do the laundry while under way..
    Rob - thanks so much for your info, helps a lot. We talked with Land & Sea at the Vancouver Boat Show and liked everything we heard. Planning to talk with the US Watermaker people at the Seattle Boat Show. I have a trip to Oregon next week, and if we pull the trigger, may see if I can buy in OR and not pay sales tax
    1999 4788


      We installed a Village Marine 400GPD unit that I got secondhand off Craigslist over the summer. This unit is fully self contained within the cage, much like the one Michelle posted pictures of.

      We placed the unit in the port lazarrette--had to put it at an angle to fit in with exhaust and batteries, etc. while still leaving room to access the control panel. The water maker is pretty loud when running--if running generator you don't hear it but when on shorepower it annoys the wife so keep that in mind when deciding on location--we are really glad we put it "out back".

      I purchased the unit with under 100 hrs for about $1500 plus shipping (I had to arrange freight pickup). The unit came without the remote control panel, which is annoying, but at about $600 it isn't that annoying that I have spent the money--yet...

      The unit is manual but for a minimal cost I was able to order a solenoid valve that makes it do manual flushing without having to move valves, so that made manual flushing easy, and then we also installed a second T and a sprinkler timer for automatic flushing when left unattended.

      I worked with Jason from Sunburst Marine to help with the install and the price was very reasonable.

      Total cost fully installed, parts, unit, labor, etc. was about $3000.
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        "MerlinV" post=790647 wrote:

        Ultimately, we ended up selling the 490 and purchasing the 5788 before installing a watermaker, but have since installed a US Watermaker Clearwater Series 400GPD unit in the engine room of the 5788 (just next to the pool table )
        Omg Merlin!!! That's what's missing in my engine room...

        I have the wet bar, big screen and surround sound installed...but I TOTALLY forgot about the pool table.. D'oh!!!! I bet I can still fit it between the port transmission and the chargers... but it might not leave enough room for the new water maker... is it something that I should seriuosly consider... the water maker, that is... if so I may have to reconsider my engine room layout...hmmmm...