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    our new blog-gctid347269

    BOC friends, we have run a blog for our Monk trawler ( where we detailed our restoration of our Monk and our time on the water. We are giving our 4550 a different name so we had to do a new blog. This time we are going with a non-boat specific name in case we get something again down the road. I thought I'd invite anyone who is interested in checking it out to come see our brand new blog for our 4550, We are in the middle of our 275 mile trip cruising her from Iuka, MS at the start of the Ten-Tom up to Chattanooga. Crazy rain and wind and fog today but after 2 good days of running, our 4550 is running great thus far. We are LOVING all the space and WOW do I LOVE the pilothouse. I can hardly believe this is our boat!

    Some pictures from the last 2 days:


    ~~1987 Bayliner 4550 Pilothouse & 17' Boston Whaler Dauntless~~

    Very cool blog!

    Glad the Bayliner is working out and running smooth.

    We might have to do one of those blogs for our passage to Alaska in 80 days and counting


    Whats the weather like on our boat

    Where are we right now?


      That is awesome!! Thanks for the link - I look forward to watching your progress.

      Makes me think I should get on the ball for our Lake Superior summer


        Thanks guys! Kevin you totally need to do a blog for your 47!!

        We had another great day yesterday- put in 75 miles despite the floodwaters and currents and had a great day of sunshine. 2 more days and we are home. So far it has been a wonderful, wonderful cruise. We have put around 25 hours on her thus far on this trip and she has run great.

        My son snapped a picture for me of the boat out on the water as we didn't have any...she looks good in the setting sun:

        ~~1987 Bayliner 4550 Pilothouse & 17' Boston Whaler Dauntless~~