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    Earl sighting-gctid394730

    A perfect sunday on Monterey bay with Earl and Jolene,lake pacific and sun not to mention big salmon,whales krill etc...Earl,Jolene,thank you, for helping another 32xx runnin sweet!,now we can focus on the ongoing basics.

    Thanks John, It was a pleasure to see how a pro fish chatcher does it!!!! The best part was that after saturdays sea trial was abborted that we got to the real Issuees , in the bottom of the tank!!!

    Jolene cooked up the salmon Sunday and it was real tasty for sure..

    Your Freind Larry is all smiles this week as it took 11 years to figure out his starboard engine miss. I am puting in the new piston tommorrow and we should be out chatchin on Thurs seatrial. The one thing a Hino wont do is compress Water.

    Looking at the rod you would never think you could bend one.. # 6 Piston was .075 thou low ver # 1....

    We should be heading for the delta on Friday. Earl International


      Been meaning to post this: I saw Earl and Jolene here at Ventura Harbor before they headed up your way. It was a happy coincidence:

      I knew of Earl, of course, since purchasing my 3888 last year and joining this forum. Had always thought it might be a good idea to schedule a meeting, but never got around to it. A few weeks ago, a friend and fellow live aboard on my dock called me and said that he and his wife were up riding horses inland, and he had met a guy who was supposed a Bayliner and Hino guru...named Earl! I said I know of him! So I made contact and he came aboard. When he got there, he looked around and said "I know this boar." Turned out he had maintained it for the original owner and installed a bunch of extras! The second owners did not use his services, but didn't use the boat that much, either. A few years later I purchased it.

      Needless to say, I felt much more confident about my purchase after that! He checked out the Hinos, fit me into his schedule in order to replace ALL my injectors and the starboard heat exchanger. A few adjustments later and she is running smooth! I am now saving my money for Earl's visit next year: need to pull and coat the manicoolers (yikes!).

      It was great meeting Earl and Joleen. They are quality people. Not only was it enjoyable, but I learned a lot! I sent them off north with a 6-pack of Guinness and a 6-pack of A&W Root Beer (for Jolene and Earl respectively). Thanks to them both. See you next year.

      Meantime, I am off to the islands with confidence. (Unless a manicooler pits through...)


        Earl and Jolene were on my boat a couple of weeks ago. As usual, Earl found some things that needed doing. As with Doc's boat, Earl has worked on mine since it was new and keeps it in great shape. Not only is he able to see problems and fix them before they cause trouble, but he is always willing to pick up the phone and give sound advice and information when he's not in the vicinity. Also enjoyed sharing a bbq or two with both of them while they were around.

        Earl is worth his weight in A&W rootbeer!