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    Pinging - Bennet Trim-Tab Guy - failed solenoid-gctid394639

    How common is it for a solenoid to fail, it appears my starboard side is getting power (check with test light when switch is engaged), yet it's not engaging the plunger. The unit is approximately six years old, with very little use, just want to make sure before I order a new solenoid that I haven't missed anything?

    I've pretty much eliminated ÔÇô I think everything: Port side woks fine, motor engages when I toggle the starboard switch, just no oil going to tab. Took it apart, no blockages, swapped lines ÔÇô proved tab does work, only thing that I haven't done is swapped the solenoid ( ran out of time).

    Just your thoughts, before I order a new one .

    Just google bennett. They will take your call and walk you through everything.

    I had to recently replace solenoid, which didnt fix the problem. They sent me a new seat for free which solved the nagging issue Great service from them!



      I'm sorry for the delay in responding, somehow I missed your post. Did you contact our factory and get the issue resolved? If not let me know and I will be delighted to help.

      Tom McGow

      Bennett Marine
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