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    Taking Vegatables, Fruits, and Meats across US Canadian Border-gctid394088

    Here is what I have from 2010, and it was not changed substantially for 2011. Has there been any changes on what meats, fruits and vegatables that go across the US Canadian border either way.

    Posted July 2010:

    Here is a summary of some computer printout copies I just got at Anacortes US Customs (waiting for winds to go down):

    Restricted Going To Canada (from Canadian Customs computer printout):

    Normal liquor, cigarette, cigar, etc. limits

    Ammo (limited to 2000 safety cartridges, 2 Kg smokeless powder, 200 ammo, etc.)

    Food stuffs:

    Limited to purpose and length of visit

    Cheese, butter and egg products $20 per person

    Eggs, 2 doz per person

    Fish products 25#

    Honey $25

    Maple products $50

    Meat and meat products 22#

    Chicken 22#

    Turkey-one per person

    Turkey canned 10#

    Fruits and veggies:

    Restricted-apples, apricots, nectarines, peaches, pears, pawpaw, plums, quince, corn (fresh or cooked), Potatoes (but in a sealed bag from US OK), if opened NO

    No fireworks or firecrackers

    Restricted Going to US (from US customs handout):

    Fruits OK, except citrus if in season and clearly marked with US brand labels-no citrus

    Fruits grown in Canada are OK, except citrus and clearly marked,

    bananas clearly marked from south or central America OK,

    Any out of season fruits prohibited

    Fresh vegetables grown in Canada or US are OK except garlic chives, chives, green onions, leeks or any green Allium vegetables

    Potatoes are OK if commercially packaged or peeled

    Corn on the cob is OK if grown in Canada or western US

    All vegetables from other countries prohibited


    Beef or beef products, bison or farm raised venison are allowed from Canada limited to 50 #

    No lamb or goat including fresh, frozen, raw cooked canned sausage, curry, home made sauces containing lamb, goat, sheep casings all prohibited

    Pet food containing any of the above lamb or goat no matter how packaged. If package clearly shows the pet food lamb or goat came from the US originally it is OK.

    Pet food containing beef, chicken, fish, port and vegetarian pet food allowed from Canada origin if labeled and the ingredients on the label.

    Port, poultry, seafood, eggs, milk and cheese from Canada OK

    Hunter-harvested wild game OK with hunting license.

    Seeds, nuts and herbal meds OK if roasted, boiled, shelled, split or ground OK. Raw nuts OK if from Canada. Herbal meds containiing dried citrus peel, sliced deer antler , bird nest or other certain seeds prohibited.

    Plants, need phytosanitary cert or greenhouse cert label

    Cut flowers must be inspected to be free of insects

    Hardwood firewood prohibited unless treated.
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      whenever I travel up the Alcan Highway, they always take any fresh fruits or veggies.. you can only bring 10 packs of smokes (if you smoke) and under 10k cash, no firearms of any kind... not even the military guys heading to Fort Rich can bring them.. you have to dropship with a carrier in Haines AK. and if you look creepy, they also racial profile you and run your ID... thank God I look sweet and not on America's Most Wanted show.. lol:worth.. so pack your car full of kids and if you have a pet, make sure you have health certificates, they do check...

      they ask,

      ID or passpost pls

      where you going= to the other border

      how long you going to be in OUR country = as fast as I can drive sir

      how much money you have on hand = ALWAYS say enough and credit cards NEVER tell how much on hand...

      do you have any firearms in your car = nope left my arsenal at home

      Do you have any fruit or veggies in your car = nope

      Car Insurance and proof its yours

      once on the other end, the Alaskan guards ask if you have anything to declare and why are you coming into Alaska..


        You're list is consistant with what I just received when signing up for the new Smal Vessel Reporting System. I was told that they are stepping up the food restriction enforcement but don't know if that was just for the benefit of making sure we were listening or if they really plan to look closer.


          they are checking more and more. we heard on the news this year is going to be the buggiest ever.. the invasive bugs are getting into the fruit and veggies and they dont want them attacking thier crops... Washington State is the same way with Apple crops. Its like the spruce beetle invasions


            One thing to keep in mind....the head guy at the Anacortes Customs and Border Protection office told us. They are given a lot of tasks for which they are not very well trained. They are not AG Inspectors or FDA Inspectors so if they don't have the original packaging to see what's in it or where it's from don't expect them to be able to look at something and decide it's ok. They will error on the side of seizing it and destroying it. He also noted CBP is really a revenue service and their priority is going out and collecting the big bucks from the tanker and freight traffic and the recreational folks take a back seat to that. If you haven't done it already I highly recommend you look into the new Small Vessel Reporting System for clearing back into the States by phone.