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Oil pressure Hino 150-gctid393934

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    Oil pressure Hino 150-gctid393934

    1 of my engines reads around 60psi and the other hovers around 48psi. It will usually creep up and stay above 50psi once I increase the rpm.

    Is this normal?


    I think it is normal for the pressure to increase once you bring the ROPS up. Mine run at around 70 while under load. It is not unusual to see them lower at Idle. But yours do sound low. What is your idle ROP? is it set low? also are you sure you have the duel helm senders?


      General rule of thumb is 10ps per 1000 rpm. This will vary based on the oil viscosity, engine wear, etc., but it's a good place to start.

      Your readings sound fine.


        I would think an oil pressure over 40 PSI on either engine would be great. Having a different reading on one versus the other is pretty normal from what I have seen on Hinos. Only thing I would worry about if if I had gotten diesel into the oil due to a bad injector which would reduce the viscosity of the oil and pressure on that engine. If your readings do not change after changing oil, I would expect you are good to go.
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          With the stock electrical gages and mutli vis oils readings above 30 at cruise is not a concern.

          You will get slightly higher reading with straight weight and higher viscositiues (then 30W).

          After a long cruise it is not unusual to see the pressure drop in the range of 15 at idle (750 rpm's) immediately after coming off plane.

          That is also why it is a good practice to reduce revs to the 1,200 or so range for a few minutes or more as the engines cool and the turbos spin down.

          Hope this helps
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