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  • Pinging Earl-gctid393923


    Could you get in touch with me. Would like to find out your schedule for being in the Everett, WA area this year and about having some work done on my engines.

    Please send me an email with your phone so we can talk.

    [email protected]

    Thank you,
    Patrick and Patti
    4588 Pilothouse 1991
    12ft Endeavor RIB 2013
    M/V "Paloma"
    MMSI # 338142921

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    Aug is a nice time in Everett


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      Yeah Earl, I believe I should be on your Everett area list also. Mid August would work for me. I get back from vacation Aug.12th.

      "Safe Boating is No Accident"
      Everett Sail and Power Squadron


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        pfft. Washington in August is highly over rated. Too much rain, bugs, etc. Now Maryland in August with fresh sweet corn, ice cold root beer, famous Maryland Fried Chicken, now you are talking!

        Turn that RV east young man!!!

        (Can't wait to see the new risers installed!)
        Yep, my 4588 Bayliner IS my happy place :whistle:


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          Earl, please keep that bus headed to the PNW.

          By the way here is the "insect" that northeasterner that was referring to. None of that flimsy bluecrab stuff!

          Attached files [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/697710=29047-photo2.JPG[/img]


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            Well played sir, well played. :worth Earl, guess I'll see you in October.
            Yep, my 4588 Bayliner IS my happy place :whistle:


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              Earl & Jolene stay in the west and enjoy those Dungeness crabs COLD with homemade mayonnaise and Coleman's English mustard

              We LOVE those BIG DUNGENESS CRABS with mustard mayonnaise!!!

              That is no little Maryland soft shell in the man's BBQ tongs!!!!.

              Ken & Georgi from BC

              Currently in Fernandina Beach Florida but....... headed to the Chesapeake for soft shell crabs BECAUSE the Stone Crab season closed in Florida AND it is not possible to get to the west coast from here without back tracing through Panama Canal, otherwise we'd be there to eat the Dungeness crab with all of you.

              Dungeness Crabs and WILD Sockeye Salmon are the best there is. I have tasted all of the crabs & all of the salmon. Take it from gourmet_dad. Enjoy the West Coast stuff while you can