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    Glad to hear that you got the issue fixed BJ.

    One note about breakers tripping when running on either the single 30A inlet or using a combiner on dual 30A inlets to create 30A of 240 volt power is that I have to reduce the amount of current that the inverter pulls or the breaker trips. The inverter can pull 30A if you let it which means most any other load will trip a shore breaker. When I'm running on 30A power, I set the cord size on the inverter to 5 or 7 amps which is enough to charge up the inverter battery bank overnight.


    Jim V.

    5788 in Everett


      From Experience:

      This is a very common fault and a failure that can cause significant damage. It should be a maintenance item to pull your sockets on the boat and look at them from time to time and make sure they are tight and no signs of heat damage. The same could be said for the plugs on the dock. When you see signs of burning on a cord, it is usually first a fault on the boat or the dock almost never just the cord.

      Myself, I have the following 3 connections on the Boat 30A 125V, 30A 125V, and 50A 125V. On the dock power pole, I have a 50A 125V and a 50A 125/250V. I use a Marinco 153AY to split the 50A 125/250V into two 30A 125V connections. Then I use a 50A 125v cord directly. Overall, I have many splitters to do many different things to accommodate many different docks.