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Problems with Garmin 4208 Radar Overlay-gctid393413

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    Problems with Garmin 4208 Radar Overlay-gctid393413

    This may be better in another forum, but as more motoryacht owners are likely to have experienced a similar issue, I'll ask here first.

    I installed a new Garmin 4208 along with a GMR 18 HD radar last year. I generally run (even on sunny days) with the radar overlay operating so I get accustomed to what things look like in clear visibility as practice for other conditions. This year I noticed that at several range settings ( 1/4 and 1/2 mile) that it produces no returns while operating normally at every other setting.

    Garmin's customer service recommends buying an SD card and card reader to download an update to the firmware or alternatively buying a card from them with a firmware update pre installed. Since the unit is essentially new and under warranty I believe they should send me an update card free as it's not guaranteed that this is the issue.

    Anyone have any suggestions on troubleshooting the core problem? Anyone have any experience with Garmin customer service that would be helpful?

    The Garmin updates are super easy to do.

    Just download it from the Garmin website and it will install itself onto a SD card.

    You can get a 2GB SD card pretty cheap.

    If you haven't updated since January, you're probably in need.
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      Do you think this is a change in performance, or something you haven't noticed before?

      Since the unit is still under warranty, I'm sure garmin would be happy to update the software for you. Just remove the unit from the boat, pack it and ship it. Pay for shipping and insurance. Wait 6 weeks for it to arrive, and reinstall it. No fun there....

      I'm surprised garmin won't just send you the update. Did you lean on them at all yet?


        If it was working before.... and not working now... it's not a software update. Are you sure it was working previously?

        As said earlier, the updates are VERY easy to do. Just download the update software, copy down the firmware to the SD and insert it and power-up.
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          It worked flawlessly on install and I never noticed a problem last year. I discovered my wife's computer has a SD card reader and we've got dozens of cards around so I'll give it a try. It's always entertaining to muck around with boat stuff.

          In my experience, Garmin has always been responsive but I'm a bit frustrated with their "try rebooting" initial response. I am in the process of leaning on them politely...


            I installed a dual 4210 system last year, and had problems with my display freezing after operating for about 2 hours or so. After downloading all the pertinent updates onto an SD card, it was an easy fix. Both my units are networked together, along with the 18HD, XM receiver and sounder. Put the SD card into the lower 4210, turned the units on, and it did all the work. Have had no problems since. Garmin is actually very good about updating software, and using an SD card is very easy. Can't hurt.


              thanks all. I'll give it a shot this afternoon and report back. My frustrations with having a webpage copied and pasted in a customer service reply aside, I expect nothing but good things from Garmin.