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  • Bayliner 4387 speeds-gctid393154

    I have a Bayliner 4387 with twin Hino 250's. The props are 22 X 22. I am able to get up to WOT at 3000, but can cruise at 2750 with a SOG of 13.5 - 14 knots. My question to other 4387 owners is what crusing speeds are you getting out of yours. At 1600 RPM, I get around 7- 7.5 knots. Bottom paint is fresh water and fuel loads do not seem to change the overall speeds. I am thinking of going to a more aggressive prop to get greater speeds, but wondering if this would work or not. So the question is, what are your speeds at what RPM's and what size props do you have.


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    Those speeds are virtually identical to my '91 4387.


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      The speed you are getting seems about right. I think you will find that a 4387 will get a good fuel burn rate when cruising at trawler speeds of 7-8 knots. I have attained 21.5 knots on a GPS when lightly loaded in a fresh water lake. At today's fuel prices I think the lower speeds are more important.

      Good Luck

      George Watson


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        My 4388 is about the same, question- why the need for speed? these boats were not meant to be run wide out, in fact if you have Hinos I wouldnt ever run the boat wide open they just dont have the proper components or systems on them to be hauling *** for no reason. Slow down, enjoy the ride and baby your bay..... Coon...