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    Muir Cougar Anchorage chain and Rode-gctid393144

    I have a 1986 3870 with a Muir Cougar with 3/8"BBB, and currently 3/4" rope 200'. This rope is hard, and firm, does not coil well and fits in the V of the gypsy.

    the rope fits nicely in the gypsy and feeds the chain nicely into the anchor locker.

    I want to extend my anchor line to 450'-600'. I recently purchased 600' 3/4" 3 strand nylon and it falls through the V, into the channel at the bottom of the gypsy. This new rope compresses, and falls. Where as the old rope is hard and firm 3/4" and stays in the V.

    So do i need polypropylene or polyester?

    I called Muir, and they use 3 strand nylon. They also said the horizontal winches were never designed to pull rope and chain in the same gypsy. Weird, i thought thats what they were suppose to do.

    Anyway what are the members thought on rope type?

    Has anyone had this same problem? What did you do to fix it?

    Never use any line but nylon. Muir was correct. Why not forget the line and use all chain? Why in the world would you ever need 600 feet of rode? What anchorage could you ever let out that much rode? If you ever did, someone would probably cut it in the middle the night as you were swinging into everyone else with a reasonable length rode.
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      I am going through issues with my Muir Cougar windlass as well! How the previous owner before me EVER anchored out is beyond me. The chain is too small for the gypsy and the line portion of the rhode is too large for the gypsy so none of it works! I am in the process of trying to figure out which gypsy I have so I can convert to 100% chain rhode and a 60lb bruce I picked up recently instead of the danforth.

      I agree though- why so much rhode and why not all chain? Although, if you need 600' of chain you probably don't need an anchor at all- that much weight would stop you from drifting just from the chain itself.
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        Possibly my unit is different??

        I use the capstan on the left for rode and the gypsy on the right when we get into the chain.

        I have 600' and use it. A couPle weeks ago we anchor'd at the edge of a halibut hole in 200' of water. We let out all 600' of rode and used the tide to pull us over the hole


        Whats the weather like on the boat

        Where am I right now?


          I have a Muir Cougar also and it has a capstan opposite the gypsy for pulling line. The gypsy never was for pulling the rope part of your rode. Take two loops around the capstan and the line will come in nicely. Of course, the gypsy is not for line management, never was. You still have to stuff the line into the locker manually.


            I fish for halibut in 200 to 400' of water. Plus with SE alaska Rocky coves and shores. Storm ratio is 6 or 7 to 1, right? if i'm in 75 to 100' to make sure im not polishing my props :hypnotysed:

            My gyspy pulls the rode, and chain in nicly all on the gyspy! I never move anything. It all pulls stright in to the locker. I thought everyone's was like that! I guess i'm just lucky!