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38XX water tank filler. DO NOT fill water tank with a quick disconnect nozz e-gctid393123

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  • 38XX water tank filler. DO NOT fill water tank with a quick disconnect nozz e-gctid393123

    OPPS I screwed up!!!!

    While filling my fresh water tank on Friday I pulled the hose out and the spray nozzle disconnected from it's quick connector. Needless to say; the water flow and pressure carried the nozzle down to the bottom of the large tank filler hose.

    Filling the rest of the tank was a slow process as the opening to the top of the tank was obstructed by the spray nozzle that is likely sitting above the tank at the bottom of that hose.

    I know that the fresh water tank is under the stairs and that it can be viewed in one small corner by the inspection hatch just forward of the bunk in the mid cabin.

    My question is where does that water fill hose connect to the fresh water tank?

    Can it be accessed from anywhere inside the boat without tearing up the floor or tearing out the stairs?

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    When i swapped my fridge out there was an access panel underneath the fridge - i didnt open it, just assumed i could get at that side of the tank by unscrewing it, as for taking out the fridge - mine was anchored at the top, you had to lift AC panal to access 1/2 dozen screws as well work around the air conditioning ducts


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      Can you thread some safety wire or maybe a coat hangar wire with a small "J" bent into the tip down the fill tube to grab the nozzle and gently retrieve it?
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        I have located the spot where the filler hose connects to the fresh water tank.

        It is at the aft end of the tank just under the cabin stairs where they meet the floor of the galley. I should be able to cut open (with my Roto Zip) the floor under the stairs and get at the joint where the filler hose connects to the top of the tank.

        Fortunately a few months ago we converted the area under the stairs into a storage locker with a hinge on the top stair so access will not be difficult.

        One thing that is strange is the the hose from the deck flange is a smooth black rubber 1 1/2" hose and the hose going into the top of the tank is a ribbed / spiral white plastic 1 1/2 inch hose. Somewhere below the floor there must be a place where these 2 hoses join. My hose nozzle may actually be at the nipple where the two hoses are connected.

        I will keep this updated and let you know what I find


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          Thanks for the warning ! Can you maybe push it through into the tank? Although that is probably the final option I suppose.


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            Are you sure your seeing the same hose? Can you actually follow it all the way from the top to the bottom?Remember the pump out is right up there close to the water fill. I'd be reall suprised if they switched hose types mid-way between the filler and the tank. Not totally beyond the relm of possibility considering some of the things we find on our boats but make sure you're looking at the same hose.