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    door key replacement-gctid390975

    Anyone know where to find one of these? 1987 3270...I think it's the original lock. Local locksmiths are no help.

    Search is your friend

    Hope this is the info you need!


      There is a locksmith in Everett, WA that had these keys 2-3 years or so ago. Might have been Evergreen Lock and Key 425 252 3700. I don't know where you live so you may not be able to do this but I had to go to the shop and compare because the keys they had do not have the same numbering system. My key is a 15 but the keys they had showed BD33. I bought all the ones that matched mine.


        so yes by SEARCHING ;raseberry old threads I found these guys.

        The Brass Works, Inc.

        P.O. Box 566, DeLand, FL 32721

        Cage Code: 1EAT4

        Tel: (386) 943-8857, Fax: (386) 943-8810

        [email protected]

        Two keys, $11.25 each on the way. Bazinga.


          Brassworks is fast and good price. The number of the key is stamped on the plate of the lock that the latch arm comes thru. It will be low number like 1 or 2 or 3 or 8 etc. Brassworks will need that number to cut the keys for you.