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    OK everyone, with the new season of boating starting its time to check all your gear.. are the extinguishers current and recharged, batteries in the detectors changed, valves sealed and poop tanks checked, tires kicked if you have them, or just kick the bait cooler, coolers cleaned, fluids toppped off and checked, extra fuel tanks, good fishing gear, galley stocked and by all means check how many kids you brought, so you bring that many (got left on sand bar in bar harbor maine once) you can never be to cautious when boating... chit happens to nice people too..

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    Yep, got it all covered and a few other things as well.

    Thanks for posting this.

    We all need to remember that safety comes first. Sometimes things are over looked in our rush to get back out on the water.

    Not only should these things be checked at the beginning of the season but periodically through out it.

    I try to make a full inspection of my boat and all it's systems before and after every use.

    Safe and happy boating to all..........:beer- :beer- :beer-....just don't drink too much.


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      I agree, we need to check these things for every outting. We have a log book, and I document everything we do to our boat and bring on board with us. Thats one thing I will grab in an emergency, its my proof for the insurance adjusters (god forbid) if we need it. Plus with all the pictures I take on our trips inside and out of the boat, there is documents too.


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        Mine is upto date. Had my boat inspected last weekend. No issues


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            I had the boat inspected last week by the US Coast Guard Auxillary.

            He not only passed us he said he wished he had a Golden Sticker for us.
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