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    miur cougar winch-gctid741663

    have a 1993 miur cougar horizonal anchor winch. the gear box is not allowing me to pull up anchor. has any one found the place to purchace parts for them. thanks for any help.
    1993 43.88 bayliner motoryatch

    I've never heard of this brand. Is it used for pulling cougar wenches aboard?


      "fulltiltron" post=741670 wrote:
      I've never heard of this brand. Is it used for pulling cougar wenches aboard?

      Now you have.

      I would try contacting this seller. They might have info. for parts.

      This link might help also.

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        Muir has been good at responding to Emails and may recommend a parts source in the USA
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          "have a 1993 miur cougar horizonal anchor winch. the gear box is not allowing me to pull up anchor."

          Are you sure the clutch is tight?
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            Joe, as Smitty says, are you sure it's the gearbox? Unless the gearbox has seized, it may be is the motor that is misbehaving!

            Muirs are made in Australia, can you can buy parts including motors and gearboxes but they are not inexpensive. I'm not sure about US parts distributor arrangements that they may have. If you take the gearbox off the motor, an auto motor repair shop should be able to fix it. Chances are the brushes have stuck! If brown chocolate type liquid comes out of the gearbox when you disconnect it from the motor, the gearbox will need replacement as water has mixed with the oil.

            I trust this assists.

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              Are you implying that the windlass will (electrically) lower the anchor, but not raise it?

              If so, this sounds like an electrical motor that may need to be rebuilt (as John mentioned) since it doesn't have the strength to raise.

              Any electrical shop that does vehicle alternators, etc can do this.

              If it won't lower either, it could still be the electrical motor needing to be rebuilt.

              Or it could be things such as a bad ground wire or a bad foot switch.
              1999 4788



                There is no info on your profile that tells us where you are located.

                If you are in BC or pacific morthwest....there is a Company that handles Muir and does rebuilds etc

                Let us know where you are located and maybe you will get some help?
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                  Here is my saga on the windless that might help you. I let out about 200 ft of chain and the windless wouldn't bring it up. It basically started and then stopped and wouldn't go again.

                  So checked the foot switches to see if they were good. They were. Checked the ground connection to windless and it was good. Checked the fuse to the windless and it was good.

                  Took the windless apart and brought the motor to an Alternator/generator repair shop. Brushes were bad. Seemed a little corroded. Replaced the brushes and all is well. Gear box looked intact and no leakage.

                  BTW getting the windless off my 3988 was a real pain.


                    Thanks guys for all the help. I found a guy from IMTRA CORP0RATION, PRODUCT MANAGER, JIM THOMAS. this guy was great, pricing good and the best customer service i have had in a long time. pass it on. yes it was my gear box striped out the brass gear in box quick and easy to repair should recive it in a week, getting housing powder coated, motor brushes look good. i will let ya all know how it gos back together. thanks again.
                    1993 43.88 bayliner motoryatch


                      We are looking to replace the gypsy on our Muir Cougar winch. When raising the chain is slipping. We are having a problem finding a provider for the gypsy in the US. Does anyone know of a resource? This is on our 1995 3988


                        Fisheries supply in Seattle and west marine both can get the gypsy. Be prepared to fork out some dollars though. Those chain wheels run about $800
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                          I just had the gears strip in my Muir Cougar windlass. I contacted the guys from IMTRA in Mass. and they provided superior support. I took it apart and sent pics to them. There were able to narrow down the issue quickly. They had me back up and running with a new gear box in only a matter of days. They are great to work with.