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    Norcold Replacement-gctid740543

    We have the original Norcold Model 560 in our 4788. It finally gave up the ghost and it appears that Norcold has discontinued the cooling units for that Model. The replacement is the Norcold Model 0061, but from the spec, it seems about a half inch deeper. With all of the ducting and cables running behind the fridge, I'm wondering if it will fit.

    We've read the reviews on other replacements, but with the drawer below and the air conditioning above, we really don't want to do any woodwork. Any input or someone that has made the replacement would be a help. We're in Friday Harbor and making an error in ordering one would be a PITA!



    Contact Sure Marine in Seattle. They can cross reference it into another brand. You can also do it yourself here:
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      I highly recommend an Isotherm unit. Not sure if they make an exact dimension replacement but they are bulletproof.


        Our 1994 Norcold is still going strong (knock on wood) but a few years ago I stopped into Sure Marine in Ballard and they said the new Norcold should fit even with the A/C vent above and the drawer below. I have had my old Norcold out a few times and our dock mate has a Meridian 490 with the new Norcold that he pulled while I was on-board and it looked the same space wise as ours.

        Hope that helps!

        PS Did you replace your settee with a new one ... I emailed you some pictures of ours several years ago and was curious if you had a new one made and how it turned out.
        1994 4788


          I replaced my Norcold in my 1997 4788 about 5 years ago. It was still working fine I just wanted something quieter.

          My service guy thought the simplest replacement would be a new Norcold that would just slip in the same spot without modification but being new I also thought it would be quieter so I went with his recommendation. Unfortunately it was actually noisier than the one I was replacing.

          On the plus side they were good to find another replacement and took the new Norcold out.

          I ended up with a Seafreeze which was out of Bellingham I believe. It fit the same space with no mods, was actually larger inside, way quieter and also about half the power draw.

          The Seafreeze if I remember correctly was about $800 more expensive but I was happy when it was installed and have been happy ever since.

          There are other options as well that should fit without modification if you are not fixed on just replacing with another Norcold.