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    Potable water leak-gctid388680

    I guess if you're not fixing something every week you're not really a boater!

    New problem with our 5788. Noticed that the fresh water pump was running constantly. Filled the tank (218 gallons) and the water pump stopped. Thought we were just out of water. Next day, a couple of vacuflushes and the pump started running constantly. To my dismay, I once again had to fill the water tank.

    Pumped the forward bilge and a lot of water went over the side.

    I'm embarrassed to say that I'm not even sure where the fresh water tank is (new owner) but I'm going to assume that it's under the forward stateroom. There is no water midships and no water in the engine room or lazerette.

    I also do not know if this boat has an accumulator and if it does, where it is.

    I'm a complete rookie with big boats but I think I've isolated the problem to the forward bilge and probably the fresh water tank.

    What to do?

    We had a similar problem on our 45 PH. The tanks are located in the forward stateroom. One under the V berth bed the other under the floor at the foot of the bed.

    You can access the main tank under the bed by moving the mattress off the pedestal, and removing the screws that hold the top down to the framing. Tilt the top up and there is your tank. From here you should be able to see the lines coming off the aft side of the tank. If there is a leak from this tank this is where the leak may be.

    You may also be able to see the tank by removing the drawers from under the bed. But this is limited viewing, if at all on your boat.

    If it is the tank under the the floor, assuming that the 57 is similar then that is more difficult to access. In the 45 there is a step up from the hallway to the cabin. The step tread lifts up and out at the front. Under the step is a compartment with a access port. Remove the port and see if you can see the end of the lower tank. The outlet for this tank should be right there.

    As it turned out on our boat, the systems had been modified. The larger tank fed into the smaller tank so you had no switching. The output for the systems from the tandem tanks is a 1" hose. The hose runs aft through the forward bilge and up into the closet in the guest stateroom. A clamp had rubbed a hole in the hose in this closet and the water was leaking out from there as the line was pressurized by the pressure head from the two tanks. Because it was behind the clamp, below the closet floor and hidden by what seemed like a couple hundred wires we had a heck of a time finding it and when we did it was by accident.

    I hope that this helps.
    Patrick and Patti
    4588 Pilothouse 1991
    12ft Endeavor RIB 2013
    M/V "Paloma"
    MMSI # 338142921


      If the source of your leak is not obvious, you need to isolate it. Since you suspect the leak is up neat the tank thats a help. Jusst remember that the water you found may or may not have anything to do with your leak.

      After a close visual inspection, I'd start by figuring out if the issue is on the suction side or the pressure side of your system.

      Thats an easy test.

      First, listen to your fresh water pump. Is is cycling even when nothing is turned on?

      Does your system hold pressure when you turn off the fresh water pump?

      Once you isolate the problem to the suction side, or to the pressure side of your system, the problem will be much easier to troubleshoot.


      Whats the weather like on the boat

      Where am I right now?


        If you have water in the tanks and the pump keeps running then it could be low pressure in the accumulator. (Assuming the 57 has one in the system)

        It could also be that it's sucking air and can't build enough pressure to shut off. But if it's doing this you would get sputtering when you open a facet.

        If you have a leak that's dumping 218 gallons of water in a short time and the pump is running because the tanks are dry then your bilge pumps would be running to get rid of the water.

        I assume you've checked all the sinks showers, tub, etc.

        How about the anchor washdown. My 47 came with fresh water washdown. If it's running up on the bow you may not hear or see it.

        When the pump is running check the through hulls to see if water is leaving the boat.

        I don't know the 57 but if it's designed with the same concept as the smaller boats then there should be some access ports to the tank fittings.

        On the 47 there's a step up into the master stateroom. The step lifts up and there's port that gives access to the rear fittings on the aft tank. This is right at the keel so if anything is leaking outside the tanks forward of this you will see water.


          Thanks for your replies!

          Still trying to locate the leak. I now suspect a problem near the hot water heater.

          Another embarrassing question.....the Bayliner manual indicates that the heater is accessed through the storage cupboard in the master head. We have a small, shallow cupboard next to the vacuflush head but I do not see an access point there.

          Does anyone know how to get at the water heater on the 5788?



            We had a similar problem a couple of years ago, tha water heater safety would start leaking by as soon as the temp was up in the water heater. Ours is piped overboard so it took quite a while to locate it.



              Just saw your first post. The fresh water tank is in that same bilge. After removing the linen cabinent, stick your head in hole and look straight down below the end of the hot water heater. Something should look shiny down there........I'm pretty sure its top of the fresh water can't see very much of it.......suppose it's aluminum, or else stainless (that'd be nice). Have no idea the shape or scope of the tank. Must go forward from the bulkhead between the engine room and the stateroom(s). If it's leaking, would have no idea how you'd ever check it out without MAJOR dissassembly of the whole area. Hope its your water heater or possibly the water line going to the pump thats located in the engine room. You can see where the supply line comes through the bulkhead at the forward end of the engine room and goes to the pump. Also there's a line with a cap on it if you want to drain the fresh water tank. Hope this helps. dr