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    On my 1985 3870 there are fuel gauges at the downstairs helm. There are none on the upstairs helm. Has any one put fuel gauges on the upstairs helm? If so where did you pick up the signal from?

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    I have on my 2958 command bridge... the service department put a toggle switch downstairs and a guage upstairs and I could switch to either guage... I am always upstairts on the flybridge so dont switch it much.... Paid $100 bucks or so to have it done... if I had know how they would do it could of done it myself... but worth having it done correctly.


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      With twin engines you can use a dual pole, dual throw switch. The signal from the sending unit goes into the switch and then you have two outputs, one to use for the lower helm and one for the upper. Here's my switch:

      The switch in the picture has a total of six pins on the back, two inputs and four outputs.


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        I haven't done this yet. It's on my to do list for the last 6 years.

        Move one of the lower fuel gauges to the flybridge. Use the blank cover from the flybridge to fill the hole left on the lower dash.

        Get two momentary on two position switches. Middle is off, up/down, left/right only on when you move the switch. If you orient the switch left/right the position you push is the tank you want to monitor. These switches usually made with the contact make the opposite of the direction you move the switch.

        Middle positioon to the gauge. Outside terminals from the tank.

        Check your schematic. If you are lucky the wires for the senders are some where in the upper harness. If not you need to run two wires from the two outside terminals of the first (lower) switch to the fly bridge.

        Those wires are wired the same as the bottom switch which are the two outside terminals. The middle goes to the gauge. Don't forget to run +12 and a -12 wires for the upper gauge. If you can't find wires in the harness, you can tap off any other gauge.

        So now you can read the tanks from up or down. You don't have to have a lower/upper switch to remember to move when you change stations. Another pro is the sender isn't used until you move a switch.