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Raw water pump gasket for hino.-gctid734726

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    Raw water pump gasket for hino.-gctid734726

    I took my impeller out for the winter and plan on reusing it but the original paper gasket is mis-shapen after being used. Can you buy just the gasket or make one from gasket material?

    "Martini's Law"
    1986 Bayliner 3270, 110 Hino's
    Nova Scotia, Canada


    The 'Anchorage Marine' in canada can provide these gaskets and other parts for your Kashiyama pumps.

    I've just overhauled my own pumps and cut my own gaskets as it was the quickest way to get some here in New Zealand.

    'Hino guy' here on BOC has gaskets too and might be an alternative source for you.

    Hope this helps. Ian
    Ian & Emma
    MV "LaPaloma"
    1990 4588
    Bay of Islands
    New Zealand


      North Harbour Diesel also stocks these as well I think. As mentioned above, Earl will have them or know where you can get them as well.
      1987 3818 Hino 175
      "Knotty Girl"
      Prince Rupert B.C.


        I can supply a rebuild kit for these pumps with new water seals, lip seal, impeller, and bearings. These can be fitted with no machining or adaption of the pump body and allows you to keep your original pump. I understand the major problem with these pumps is the water seal is now obsolete rendering the whole pump obsolete if it is leaking from the shaft seal. You can contact me at for more details. You can get your engineer to install the kit or you can easily do it yourself if you do your own maintenance. The kit and installation is a fraction of the cost of trying to adapt an aftermarket pump to fit the engine or doing expensive machining to adapt another type of water seal. I have found the easiest way is make the paper gasket.