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    Tripped Circuit Breaker marked IGNITION-gctid728862

    When I went to start the port motor the circuit breaker marked "Ignition" at the lower station tripped. When I engaged the circuit breaker the motor started immediately and the breaker did not trip again.

    However, something caused the breaker to trip and needs to be corrected.

    Not sure where to begin.

    I have a 1992 3888 with 210hp Hinos

    Worn out circuit breaker or bad contacts or connections on breaker. Justbone of many ideas.
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      What most people don't think of is that circuit breakers do wear and the problem could simply be a bad breaker. Changing a breaker is easier than trying to track down a short so I usually replace a breaker and see what happens from there. BTW, this goes for the circuit breakers in your home system too. And the more a breaker trips the easier it becomes for it to trip.
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        Push-to-reset snap in breaker US Marine part number is 32395 (10amp) or 32396 (15amp) or 32397 (20amp).

        Who was the manufacture? Where can I get a replacement?

        Please advise.