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38XX heater hose replacement, need advice-gctid386398

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    38XX heater hose replacement, need advice-gctid386398

    Anyone have experience with pulling new heater hoses from the starboard engine to the "red dot" type heater at the base of the stairs? Mine are starting to split and I have to pull some new ones through the blind area between the two locations. I thought I would ask if anyone has done it and I will post the results when I finish my project.



    I see your 3818 is 1987, mine 3818 is 1988 so they should be identical in parts. I removed my red dot last summer when I replaced the water tank and disconnected the hoses to remove the stairs for access to the tank. I plugged the ends of the hoses and plan to leave them in place if I or the next owner want to use the heater. I also experienced leakage at the stbd engine hose connections. I tried to get one of the fittings off of the engine to place plugs in the block, no go. The hose fitting was frozen. I think it is alumunum. I asked a mechanic friend of mine how to get it off, his reply corrosion good luck. I also started to round off the hex and stopped. I was able to splice on a new hose piece but now the other fitting hose is leaking, hence the coolant showing up in the bilge.

    Anybody have any advice on how to get the fittings out of the block without screwing up the block?