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    We are looking at 1986 4550 and are seriously considering buying her. We live in Anchorage, Alaska and she is up here. She has 3700 hours on her, but is in excellent condition. The owner is asking quite a bit for her, and we are confused at the huge difference in prices for all years of the 4550/4588. The boat has quite a bit of upgrades and if turnkey. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions for us before we buy her? Thanks!!

    SURVEY!!!! SURVEY!!!! SURVEY:worth!!!!


      Thanks!! We are planning on having a complete survey. Some things a little difficult to do until it warms up. She is moored in Whittier, AK and the tempurature in Anchorage and Whittier has been sub-zero for several days.


        How much of a price difference is there between what is on the market? You have to consider condition/shipping costs if the 45xx MY is for you and there is nothing on the market in the local area. So if this boat is 40k more then boats in Seatle in similar condition then that might be 25k too high.
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          prices are all over the map for various reasons:

          1) Sometimes you get what you pay for. Upgrades can create a safe and comfortable cruising boat. Good clean, quality boats with clean engine rooms, clean fuel tanks, well maintained engines with no rust, etc. are worth more because they are simply quality, good boats.

          2) Sellers who bought before the market collapse have unfortunate amounts of $$$ tied up in their boat and they think it is still worth that even though the market has dropped and values seriously declined. Often times these days a seller's mortgage against the boat is much higher than the current fair market value and the seller may not have the liquid cash to pay off the loan. Thus, their options are only to either keep making the monthly payments forever, sell it to someone at a high enough price to pay off the loan, or let the bank take it back.

          However, in today's market, you don't actually always get what you pay for. The economic crisis has created situations where opportunities arise where you actually can get a boat that is of good quality, well maintained, and well equipped, for a fraction of the typical cost (bank owned, distressed sellers needing immediate cash, etc.).

          Get it surveyed and in the end, after you know her approximate actual condition, only you can decide if it is worth the cost you are about to pay. Do take a moment to ask yourself how likely you are to readily find another person to come to the same conclusion as you when it comes to the price of the boat (or you will loose a ton of $$$ when you sell), and also evaluate the "opportunity cost" of the purchase. If not that boat there and now, which boat where and when? What else is out there and at what price and in which location and would either of those alternatives meet your needs and perhaps present a better buying opportunity?
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            In addition to a survey, I would highly recommend a mechanical survey. The engine hours are getting up there and you could end up with some surprises ($$$) down the road. I would say that this is more of a buyers market, so be patient and the right boat at the right price will come around. Also, if you can get a broker to print out a list of comparable sales over the last year, you will have a much better idea of what these boats go for.
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              There probably are not a lot of 4550's for sale up there and it does cost money to move but please consider that there are not a lot of 4550 buyers up there and the vendor is in the same position - negotiate!


                This wouldn't happen to be the same boat, would it?

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                  Take a deep breath, step back, and don't get too emotionally attached. You've gotten some great advice here- keep asking questions, remember its a purchase, and good luck!


                    I have boated out of Whittier for many years.

                    I just bought a 2001 4788 last fall in washington and will be bringing it north to Seward in late April.

                    The boat is in my opinion outragously priced. That opinion is based on looking at ALLOT of boats for sale accross the PACNW including Alaska.

                    3700 hours is the most hours I've EVER seen on a 45 or 47 Bayliner for sale.

                    Please correct me if I'm wrong here, but isn't sea-dancer moored at Whittier City harbor?

                    If its the same boat I remember (again please correct me if I'm wrong about its location because there are only two or three 45/47's in Whittier City Harbor) its not in great shape. At least not great cosmetic shape.

                    Tha ONLY thing making that boat worth more than a boat in Anacortes, or seattle is possibly the value of being able to sign a transient moorage agreement if the owner is a berthholder in the Whittier City harbor. I'm not sure thats worth much because you'll find yourself moored 3 out against the ISWOOT allot of he time with no access to power.

                    Bringing a boat up the inside passage is no big deal. This will be my second trip.

                    My recommendation to you is to take a few days and fly to anacortes and look at 45 and 47' bayliners for sale. There are several brokers in the area and lots of these boats for sale.

                    If you buy one you can caravan with us on the trip up. We'd love to have another boat along. We're leaving on 4/20/2012 from Anacortes.

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                    Whats the weather like on the boat

                    Where am I right now?