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  • 38 bay pilot house-gctid386014

    one trip on the books
    1988 3818
    EH 700
    Custom hard top enclosed

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    I would call that a bridge hard top. I have seen a real 38 Bayliner pilot house tho. Saw this boat in the Broughtons a few years ago. This gent was a lifelong boat builder. For those familiar with the Broughtons, he helped build Billy Proctors fish boat so he has been around a while.. He found a 38 that had burned from hull up. He basically designed a new boat on the 38 hull, a forward positioned pilot house and no bridge. I made a post of it on BOC but can not find it.

    Saw a boat in work this weekend that will look real nice when done. Owner has an 89 38. He built a very light weight bridge hard top using parts of the old arch for rear supports, cutting new angles on rear to raise it. He also built a real nice cockpit hardtop. Boat was being used but finish work was still needed. This young man learned how to make fiberglass parts from his dad who owned an auto body shop.
    Started boating 1965
    Bayliners owned: 26 Victoria, 28 Bounty, 32, 38, and 47 since 1996