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Has anyone installed a Linklite Battery Monitor-gctid340610

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  • Has anyone installed a Linklite Battery Monitor-gctid340610

    Has anyone done this and do you have photos of how to do it?

    i am considering installing one but need to know before I do whether It is easy to do and whether I can do it. I can't find any installation manuals online to see if it is within my abilities. I really need to know exactly what needs to be done to install it.


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    See the thread in the link below.

    John Rupp
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      Dinkytoy wrote:
      I can't find any installation manuals online to see if it is within my abilities.
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        I installed the LinkLite and am very happy with the system.

        The install of the LinkLite is easy.

        The important thing is the prep to have your setup correct so you are measuring what you think you are. I setup a House Bank in addition to individual starting batteries. All my loads except for the engines and starting the engines run off the House Bank. So I bring all the House load negatives together before the the LinkLite shunt. and nothing connects to the negative connection between the shunt and the House Bank.

        A twisted pair cable is required between the shunt and the LinkLite display. I cheated and used Cat 5 network cable. It has worked fine and gives me extra pairs if I ever need it. I say "cheated" because Cat 5 is solid copper and not typically used on a boat. I used it in a pinch and it has lasted 3 years.

        Lastly the LinkLite requires a positive connection at the monitored battery and a negative connection.
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          Fantastic response - just what I was looking for Many thanks, guys!


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            Lance, for interest, I installed my display unit, on the entry side face, of the electrical panel. I can see the display easily, when I sit on the entry step. The alteration I made with my 3988, was swap the battery in the lazerette battery bow, from being the house battery, to being the starboard engine battery. The position of the new house battery was altered, with the construction of a "box" out of marine ply. The "box" was a little larger that the size of the D8 battery box, and roughly the same height as the exhaust of the port engine at the rear. I installed 2 drawers in the box, facing the entry step into the engine room, and this now allowed me to install 2 battery boxes, in the same place, however turned at 90 degrees to the boat (original single battery box was parallel with the boat) and they now sit just over the port engine exhaust. I only have 2 gold carts in each of the 2 battery boxes, I think I could have got 3 into each, however checking the battery water of the back battery, would require me to remove the front one on each occasion. The drawres are a convenient place for tools etc. With the house batteries right there in the engine room. it was easy to run the wires back to the electrical panel, for the link installation. Not sure if these thoughts are of assistance.