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    tips for those selling-gctid383836

    My advice so as not to look like fools to buyers is to NOT going comparing prices of boats that have been "for sale" for 6 - 10 years to value yours, and if you do at least compare hours and equipment. Have a broker show you comps of boats that have actually sold, and then compare hours and equipment. Also true freshwater boats are worth more than heavy houred salties.

    Also IF you have a formal cash offer on the table with buyer ready to have bought weeks ago, don't think you, as FSBO will ever get a better offer that can perform faster.

    IF your selling your boat because you haven't used the boat in 2 years and maintenance is so expensive now in 2012 and you've been though 3 transmissions, these facts do NOT add value.

    I ask YOU the public what would YOU consider high hours on 02 330s? 2500?

    I consider that kinda on the high side!

    Interest post Blake

    There must be more to the story. Some frustrations with sellers???

    Anyway 2500 hours on 330's is probably the most hours I've seen a Bayliner with for sale.

    A boat is worth what a ready, willing and able buyer will pay for it, not a dime more.


    Whats the weather like on our boat

    Where are we right now?


      Sell the boat yourself and you can lower the price by about 10% and still get the same amount of cash from the sale. In todays internet world and local boating publications with low cost photo ads, it is worth a try for a while at least. Do it only if you feel comfortable with the paperwork.
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