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Hino 175 oil sump/pan removal???-gctid345356

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    Hino 175 oil sump/pan removal???-gctid345356

    Hi there! I am the proud new owner (December 2011) of a Bayliner 3888 here at the "end of the world"... (New Zealand).

    I am having all sorts of fun with the new boat and especially this website!....just great guys!!!

    I do have a question though, i have Hino 175's and have noticed a leak in the front right hand corner of my oil sump/pan, it looks like someone has tried to repair it with some sort of epoxy putty but it is still leaking.

    Does anyone know if the sump can be removed with the engine in place... or is this going to be one of those jobs that going to involve the motor being removed?

    Thanks in advance... Mark.

    The front of the EH700 is the shallow-end of the oil pan, so you should be able to loosen and drop a bit to force some sealant in. However once you disturb the oil pan, you risk leaking elsewhere without resealing the entire pan-to-block joint. There are a few inches clearance under engine to drop the pan, but it will be awkward working in the tight quarters. Once you drop the pan, the oil pump pick-up tube and screen assembly will make it difficult to maneuver the pan. Be careful with the odd seal plate at the back of the engine - be sure all the pan bolts are loose before forcing anything too hard or you will bend the pan or special seal plate. I recall other threads in this forum have additional detail on pan removal, but more for in-place engine re-build, than sealing oil leaks. Unless the leak is bad you might try simply re-sealing from outside without dropping the pan, doing better than the last guy. Unless the leak is really bad or you have other problems, probably not worth removing the engine! - Good luck, Doug S.


      Hello, I jack up the back of the engine,put several blocks under the motor mounts, take off the tranny and the pan will come right out after you take all the bolts off. You will need a new gasket and scrap all the old one off real good.. a make up mirror with lights works good to see all the edges under the engine.. Earl International


        Boatbum, you just likely got the most accurate response that you will ever get. Listen to Earl. And good luck with your repair.


        94 3888 (for sale)


          Hey thanks for the advice guys! I will try the repair with more sealant fist, but it is reassuring to know that i am able to get it off without removing the motor.

          Once again... what a great site, and helpfull people!