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    3888 Fridge-gctid383432

    I have a 2000 3988 and the fridge is not working on one side. The left side is freezing everything and the right side is not getting cold at all. It is also making a gurgeling sound when it runs and even after it turns off. Sounds like there is air in the system.

    Any ideas?

    Thinking I may have to replace it. If so any suggestions what is out there?

    Our original Norcold DE 828 fridge works well on our 3818 however it has a couple of shortcomings that have led us to conclude that we must replace it; though it works well. We are doing America's Great Loop and have been living on the boat since August 2011. This is not a weekend beer fridge for us.

    Shortcomings are

    1. DE828 draws 9 amps per hour compared to newer fridges which use less than 4 amps/ hour
    2. DE 828 is not frost free and must be defrosted every 3 weeks, time consuming job that the Admiral HATES
    3. some of the newer fridges that fit in the same openiing have 2 more cubic feet of capacity

    We have pretty much decided to install a Novacool RFU 9000 which will fit in the same opening as the original fridge. The RFU 9000 has the freezer on the bottom which makes a lot more sense. I will be able to see at eye level into the fridge instead of the freezer. We take stuff out of the fridge more often than the freezer & besides, cold air sinks, warm air rises so why have the freezer on top anyway?

    Here is some info that I have gathered on the subject from earlier strings on this subject

    Novacool RFU 9000 is sold by Novacool of Port Coquitlam BC but is available in Florida from the distributor TK Alley. The Novacool FRFU 9000 is available in AC / DC configurations.

    Other fridges that should fit in place of Norcold DE828 are

    Tundra T-80

    Norcold DE0061

    Isotherm CR187


    old Norcold DE828 Dimensions are: 51 7/8" X 23 15/16" X 23" deep draws 9 amps

    Are there any members out there that will want any DE828 parts if we go ahead with the fridge swap?

    Ken Jennings

    [email protected] (presently lying Freeport The Bahamas)