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32XX Hino Alarm Troubleshooting Technique-please comment-gctid383066

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    32XX Hino Alarm Troubleshooting Technique-please comment-gctid383066

    Given my recent problems with ghost alarms on my Hinos, I'm writing something up for posting here and at the 32XX website. I have over the years, as well as recently, viewed many posts here on this subject. I'd like your opinion (especially if dissenting) on the following two points:

    1. Here is the alarm schematic as I understand it. Does anyone know of an additional alarm that I am not showing? To my knowledge they are :

    coolant overtemp

    oil pressure low

    oil filter bypass (high pressure)

    2. Below are quotes from various posts on the issue of false alarms and I mean no offense to whomever the original posters were. I simply disagree that corrosion or a loose wire (other than completely disconnected and making electrical contact against the block or other ground) can cause a false alarm. Prevent an actual alarm, yes, these factors would do that. I believe the referenced connector can cause a myriad of problems, just not a false alarm and there are enough factors to chase on these hunts without getting sidetracked. If you disagree with this statement, please educate me and point to any supporting documentation if helpful. I appreciate your time, Dean

    Oil filter by pass activated, i.e. filter blocked. Or maybe just a bad connection on that sensor or bad wiring.

    Start with the easiest. There is a multi-pin harness going into a solenoid near the top stern end of the engine. If there is corrosion in there it can affect the alarm circuit. Pull it apart and clean the connections with a dielectric spray.

    Make sure the wires to these sensors are tight. Might be a good idea to remove them and clean the connections. As others have stated the large plug at rear of engine is a very good place to look also