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    Hi Sean, yes the pumps can be repaired. The major rebuild kit, includes new shaft, bearings, seals, rubbers etc. I did not want to risk putting it together incorrectly, so had a workshop do it. They have the pully's required. Yes it needs to come off the boat to be done.

    We are heading for Summer. Its up to mid 80's today. Bad days can hit 100.


      Hello to whom replied back!!

      Finally I got the pump removed and taken to the local marine engine shop. The shop told me it is so corroded that I need a new pump. I then contacted the Cummins in Vancouver, and was told that new pump is priced at $1617. I was told it is Secco (sp?) brand. That's a major ouch just before Christmas!! inch:

      So am I correct that no one can buy Sherwood pump from anywhere ?

      Merry Christmas to you all !!!


        Did you get a second opinion on a rebuild? How about these guys for after-market replacement?
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          You will see the G1503 is obsolete from Sherwood.

          Unless you rig a bracket and auxiliary belt, the only choice for a new pump is Cummins. The last one I bought was $469 a few years ago. Tony and Seaboard can sell you one and I bet it would still be cheaper than your quote.


            Sean, I would get a second opinion as well. I purchased the "major rebuild kit" from a supplier in the US, and I took the pump and kit to a mechanic to get it rebuilt. The kit included pretty much everything that is inside the pump. They showed me what they removed, and all I can say, it was ugly. The seal had gone of course, and the bearing was flogged to bits.

            I was told that when pulled apart, the housing went into an acid bath to clean, then the internals were all replaced. Approx 2 to 2.5 hours work.

            I bought the kits from


            Hope this helps.



              Thank you all for your kind replies!!!!

              This is the latest and final update. For the port water pump, I had to get a brand new pump from U.S. of A. The cost was US$1200 just for one pump. For the stbd water pump, I was able to service it at the shop at a cost of C$320. My mechanic spent total of 9 hours with a bill of C$1800. The mechanic did had to raise the engine 3 inches, and had to remove the oil pump to get access to the water pump. What a headache but it was all done!!!! inch: :blink:

              Once again, thank you all, and have a safe and great boating season !!!!


                A potential trick for next time. This past weekend, I replaced both SS Risers on my 3388 and at the same time, serviced the port side Aftercooler. Removing the Aftercooler took about 15 minutes (4 bolts and 4 hoses). Once it's off, access to both the port side pump and screw on secondary fuel filter is much easier.

                My plan moving forward is that every 2-3 seasons I will service the Aftercooler, filter and replace the impeller. I may in fact purchase a spare pump, and simply do a pump swap/rebuild so that I always have a good spare.
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                  changed mine last year and it is a B***h to do. still have scars but I got it done. I found a guy in San Diego that rebuilds the pump for around $250.

                  The Sea Chest

                  1320 Scott St

                  San Diego, CA 92106